Our Story

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The beginning 

© Divine Presence was started in 2021 in Houston, Tx. We are a fashion entity that aims to produce quality garments to help elevate and maintain a daily lifestyle. The mission of the brand is to target the specific niche of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and those that are daring. When creating our pieces we draw from inspiration here in our city. In our collections we know that you'll come across an item that you'll love. This brand is meant for those who want to leave a mark in the world.
Welcome to Divine Presence. 

The community

We strive to make meaningful connection with our community. We attend popup events and car meets here in the Houston area. Make sure you are following our socials so you are notified whenever we are out. We do raffles at all of our popup events so you have a chance to win a free shirt.

Educare University

Social Media

We are active on all of our Social Programs. Make sure to check us out for discounts, promos, and announcements. 

Educare University

Influencer Partnership

If you're interested in an opportunity that will earn you cash for telling friends, family, and your followers about us then check this out

Educare University

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